Levellers {Song-Writers}

Mark Chadwick, Jeremy Cunningham, Simon Friend, Charlie Heather, Jon Sevink, Matt Savage

      Carry Me - Levellers

      World Freakshow - Levellers

      Come On - Levellers

      Welcome To Tomorrow - Levellers

      Last Man Alive - Levellers

      When Love Runs Out Of Time - Levellers


      The Cholera Well - Levellers

      Burn America Burn - Levellers

      Truth Is - Levellers

      The Recruiting Sergeant - Levellers

Having built up a fanbase with their first three albums selling in excess of 100,000 each, Levellers were rubbing shoulders with Britpop’s elite having reached the number 1 slot with their 1995 album, Zeitgeist.

Follow up album Mouth To Mouth debuted at No 5 in the charts in 1997, kept from the top by Oasis’ Be Here Now, Radiohead’s OK Computer and The Prodigy’s Fat of the Land.

Not bad for a band that could never fit in – and forever on the receiving end of vitriolic attacks from the music press and red tops alike.

As a songwriting partnership, the Levellers straddle a multitude of genres, refusing to be pigeonholed to this day.

Lead singer Mark Chadwick’s ability to knock out an anthemic chorus helped the band achieve a string of Top 20 hits including 15 Years, Hope Street and What A Beautiful Day.

Guitarist Simon Friend can deliver a gentle heartfelt ballad (Elation); a gut wrenching political statement (Battle of the Beanfield) or the autobiographical gem “The Boatman” – whatever it is, it’s from the heart. And today, Simon is indeed, ‘The Boatman’.

Perhaps the most political of the group, bass player Jeremy Cunningham has penned some of the band’s most popular songs. His no nonsense approach leaves nothing to the imagination on the likes of Burn America Burn and The Recruiting Sergeant; while ‘After The Hurricane’ and Before The End show his more vulnerable side.

Fiddle player Jon Sevink’s screeching fiddle and his box of effects often battles the lead guitar for supremacy and has the ability to put the listener into the middle of a full on riot.

Drummer Charlie Heather’s steady beat has kept the Levellers’ tight sound together for almost 30 years now and multi instrumentalist and ‘new boy’, Matt Savage – having joined in 2003 – complement this now six piece band.


A Weapon Called The Word
Green Blade Rising
Truth & Lies
Letters From The Underground
Static On The Airwaves

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