RELEASED: June 7, 2006
ARTIST: Levellers
LABEL: On The Fiddle Recordings
Levellers – Chaos Theory [On The Fiddle]

Chaos Theory was the first release on the Levellers’ On The Fiddle Recordings label. Filmed at Reading’s Hexagon Theatre.

Now available as a DVD+2CD set

DVD: Levellers – Chaos Theory, Live at Hexagon Theatre, Reading

CD1: England My Home, 15 Years, Last Man Alive, The Road, For Us All, 61 Minutes Of Pleading, Wheels, Belarus, Beautiful Day, Elation, Men-An-Tol, Confess, Forgotten Ground, Carry Me.

CD2: Dirty Davey, The Game, Come On, Riverflow, 3 Friends, One Way, Liberty, Another Mans Cause, What You Know

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