RELEASED: January 1, 2000
ARTIST: McDermott's 2 Hours Vs. Levellers
LABEL: On The Fiddle Recordings
McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs. Levellers – World Turned Upside Down

World Turned Upside Down was released in 2001, as a McDermott’s Two Hours vs Levellers album, to widespread critical acclaim.

‘McDermott’s 2 Hours…spin intriguing yarns of “true travellers”, Irish labourers, sailors getting fleeced by whores and ancient European wars. It’s not a Levellers album…drummer Charlie Heather and bassist Jeremy Cunningham merely help out – McDermott’s 2 Hours cut the mustard of their own accord. The title track is a crusty anthem, La Pasionaria is the best Spanish Civil War song since The Clash’s Spanish Bombs and Laying the Sligo Maid could have graced a Men They Couldn’t Hang album.’ (Q Magazine)

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